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Fly veils

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Fly veils

Fly veils for the horse

Our offer includes high-quality fly veils in different colors, which are match to the horse saddle pads available in our shop. In addition to the standard fly veils, we also offer longer models which can be conveniently attached to the noseband. We are convinced that you will be satisfied with our fly veils and other accessories for horses.

Fly veils for a horse - why should you buy them?

The fly veils for the horse are the perfect protection for the animal's ears against different insects. An investment in high-quality fly veils isn't only a treatment that affects the overall appearance of the animal, but also an action which will make it feel more confident and comfortable.

For detailed information on our horse fly veils offer, please contact us. We will be happy to help you choose the perfect model which will meet all your needs and expectations.